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Vector Back Office

The Core Management Tool to control your business..

Sales and Profit Control

  • Accurate Sales Item Costings and Profit management.
  • Supports up to 999999 Sales Items with 6 Price Levels, which can be selected manually or autoinvoked by quantity triggers, Debtor Selection and other settings.
  • Detailed Reporting of Sales, Cost of Sales and Sales Activity.
  • Data Retention for Historic Reporting.
  • Easy management of Sales Items for Vector Point of Sale or Electronic Cash Register terminals.

Stock Control

  • Supports Packaging, Ingredient breakdown and Item Manufacturing.
  • Stock Items can be broken down in up to 40 ingredients items to ensure accurate stock control and costing.
  • Stock Quantity and Costs are automatically controlled via Sales, Purchases and stock adjustment.
  • See the Feature Chart to check available options to streamline stock control.

Debtors (Accounts)

  • Supports up to 9999 Debtors
  • Debtors can have preset Price Levels or autocalculated Selling Prices based on Cost assigned to them
  • Efficient Invoicing System which can also be used via a Vector Point of Sale terminal.
  • Detailed Reporting including Aging and Debtor Specific Stock Usage.

Creditors (Suppliers)

  • Supports up to 9999 Creditors
  • Streamlined Purchase, Ordering and Last Cost control.
  • Historic and Detailed reporting

Peripherals and Options

  • This Product is Network Ready and multiple Administration stations can be used for controlling the various administrative duties.
  • The Back Office manages both Computerised Terminals or Cash Registers (up to 30), which can be used simultaneously in the same business. Click on Vector Point of Sale or Electronic Cash Register for detailed information.
  • Vector supports various Options, such as Weighing Scales and Lable Printers, see Feature Chart to learn more...
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Vector Micro Back Office

Simple Sales Management System...

This is a basic system, with many feature limitations.
For the full system see 'Vector Back Office'...

Sales and Profit Control

  • Supports up to 999999 Sales Items with 3 Price Levels with manual costing and basic Item Stock Control.
  • Historic Detailed Reporting of Sales and Cost of Sales.
  • Stock on Hand reports.
  • Requires the use of Vector Point of Sale for Sales Control.

Peripherals and Options

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Vector Point of Sale

Smooth and Efficient Sales control quite literally in your hands...

Some features are limited if using Vector Micro Back Office, see Feature Chart for differences between it and the Full Vector Back Office version...

Retail Specific Functions

  • Item Entry via Item Numbers, Barcode Scanning, Hotkeys, Item Lookup and Menu Lists.
  • Barcode Scanning includes Weight or Price Embedded Barcodes
  • Weight based pricing via an online Scale
  • Price Level and Automatic Promotion Pricing
  • Sale on Hold or store transaction for later completion, to avoid queue build up

Hospitality Specific Functions

  • Touch Screen Menu Driven Item List or Keyboard with hot keys and categorised item lists
  • Each Item can be linked to 5 different remote oedering printers, e.g. Consolidated Order, Preparation Order, Bar Order, Kitchen Order, Salad Order etc.
  • Up to 20 Remote Order Printers can be incorporated at one site
  • Cash Sale (bar), Table Tracking, Billing and Split Billing


  • Access Control via Password, Swipe Card or Finger Print Reader
  • Each user level determines what features or operating mode is available. (e.g. a waitron must open a table, a cashier must be assigned a cash drawer etc)

Hardware Options

  • Terminals can use standard PC keyboards, Programmable Keyboards or Touch Screen.
  • 40 Column Thermal or Dot Matrix Printers are used for printing
  • See Feature Chart to learn more...
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Vector ECR Interface

Sadly the age of the Advanced Cash Register has come to an end...
The improved reliability, reduced cost, enhanced features and security
of a Computerised Point of Sale has now replaced it.

How Vector Enhances a Cash Register

  • Vector Back Office simplifies the management of Sales Items, reducing the time and taking the dredge out of programming and maintaining a large amount of Items
  • Vectors bypasses the limited Stock Systems embedded in an ECR and implements it's own diverse stock control mechanisms.
  • Sales reports are stored Historically.
  • Reports can be viewed on screen or printed on Standard size paper.

Why use a Cash Register ?

  • From a hardware perspective, it is generally more reliable and durable than a computer.
  • It generally requires less desk or counter space.
  • Is considerably more power efficient, particularly in environments using alternative energy sources.
  • Many businesses only require the features of a Cash Register.
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